Azam Swati video: SC says PTI senator never stayed at its Quetta lodges.

The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday issued a rebuttal and denied that PTI Senator Azam Swati stayed at its judicial lodges in Quetta in the wake of his claim that an objectionable video from his stay there was sent to his wife.

A day ago, Swati burst into tears before the media, saying that his wife had received a video featuring him and her and about which he could not share further details because the 'daughters of my country are listening'. The senator had blamed the interior minister and two military officers for conspiring against him and said they should be held accountable if something happened to him.

He had said that his daughter had told him that the video was from when Swati and his wife had visited Quetta. Recalling that visit, the senator said Senate Chairperson Sadiq Sanjrani had made arrangements for them to stay at the Supreme Court's judicial lodges in Quetta.

The development was widely condemned from across the political aisle.

Responding to Swati's claims, a press release from the apex court clarified that the senator 'never used/stayed in Supreme Court Judges Rest House at Quetta', adding that according to the Balochistan Special Branch, the PTI leader had stayed at the Balochistan Judicial Academy (Judicial Complex Quetta), which was not under the apex court's control.

Soon after, PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry appeared to mock the apex court's statement, saying it was an attempt by the registrar to placate the judges about the security of their lodges.

Meanwhile, the Senate chairman comprised a special committee of 14 senators to probe the matter. The notification from the Senate Secretariat said the committee would present its report within 30 days after its first meeting.

The committee included a single PTI senator, Mohsin Aziz.

Balochistan Judicial Academy rejects SC...

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