Auqaf walas consider shrines donations as Mann-o-Salwa: CJP.


ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed has remarked donations collected on shrines should be spent for religious purposes . He further remarked ' Auqaf department employees salaries are being paid out of donations which are collected at shrines. Auqaf department should make some other arrangements for disbursing salaries to its employees. The salaries cannot be paid out of donations collected at shrines. Auqaf employees are getting alms .

This money should be spent on the way of Allah and religion Islam. Out of this money, hospitals, educational institutions and orphanages could be built out of this money. Shrines donations are meant for this purpose. Our people have become habitual to devour every thing. Dowry funds will have been devoured too. Auqaf people consider...

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