ATH hospital director calls on Commandant CMH Abbottabad to explore potential collaboration.

ABBOTTABAD -- Hospital Director Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) Abbottabad on Tuesday called Commandant Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Abbottabad Brigadier Tashfeen Bin Nazir to explore potential collaboration between the two healthcare institutions.

Medical Director ATH Dr. Alamzeb Swati attended the meeting, and the HOD Administrator, Dr. Jameel Akbar was also present in the meeting.

The focus of the meeting was to discuss how Ayub Teaching Hospital could contribute its expertise and support to CMH and vice versa. Both hospitals recognized the immense potential for mutual benefit in enhancing the region's healthcare services and patient treatment.

CMH Commandant Brigadier Tashfeen Bin Nazir, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Ata Lodhi's visit, highlighting the importance of such collaborations in the medical field. In a reciprocal gesture, the...

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