Asthama Resort at Khewra Salt Mines: Patients being treated through natural salt therapy.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) has established 'Allergological Asthama Resort' at Khewra Salt Mines on the pattern of globally renowned 'Asthma Resorts' of Wieliczka Salt Mines, Poland and Ukrainian Salt Mines where Asthma patients are being treated through natural salt therapy.

The Khewra Salt Mines is the second-largest mine in the world which reserves 220 million tonnes of rock salt and presently produces 3,70,000 tonnes of salt per anum. The salt produced from the mine is supplied to various industries and for human, and animal consumption.

Khewra Salt Mines is situated in Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan, District Jhelum at an approximate distance of 200 km from Islamabad and 245 km from Lahore. The mine has an easy approach via Lahore - Islamabad Motorway through Lillah or Kalarkahar Interchange and the journey time by car from Islamabad is about two hours while from Lahore it is about three hours.

Talking to reporter, the official guide of the mines, Abid said that hundreds of tourists comprising students, general public and foreigners were visiting the mine every week and enjoy the interior of the mines which has been illuminated with fancy lights to magnify the intrinsic beauty of the salt rocks and salient features of the mine.

Hollow walls of salt bricks when illuminated give a beautiful look and by using different shades of rock salt bricks, a beautiful mosque and Pakistan monument were constructed. There are certain chambers filled with saturated brine water which are high in density and one can't be downed in it when these ponds are illuminated with fancy lights to give a splendid view, said Abid while explaining the features of the mine.

There is an area of transparent salt of light of pink colour known as 'Sheesh Mahal' in which the reflection of the light shows marvellous colours of rock salt while another area has been named as 'Crystal Palace' that looks as the diamond shines on the walls.

A renowned mining engineer from Britain laid out the main tunnel at ground level in 1872 by using the scientific mining system "room and pillar method" in which 50 per cent of the salt is excavated while 50 per cent...

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