Asad Umar.

Byline: Aaza - Karachi

WE need experienced and honest people to control the critical sectors of governance. It is just not right for Asad Umar to refuse the call to take charge of the most demanding ministry which will make or break the country's future. Hopefully, he will be offered the ministry of energy and water (since, it is difficult to isolate the two at the planning level) and he will graciously accept this challenge for the good of the country.

Both sectors have been deliberately mishandled, the energy sector to ensure enormous quick kickbacks. The water sector with large dams seem to have been ignored since this cheaper and environmentally less damaging option would have reduced thermal power plant kickbacks!

Any planning in the energy and water sectors without a basic understanding of conservation is bound to fail and. We must understand that we cannot provide the increasing demand of energy and water for 220 million people unless we learn to conserve. Unfortunately on a national level, there is no realisation of this essential need.

Asad Umar with...

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