Artistic ideas and modern technology in hybrid hues.

KARACHI -- Just like you reach a positive result by adding two positives in algebra, the fusion of art and technology at the third Karachi Biennale, or the KB22, are a plus-plus.

It is worth the effort to visit all the nine KB22 venues to experience this kind of expression, too. The black curtains at first draw you into an area of complete darkness but soon you learn to focus through your third eye at the Jamshed Memorial Hall.

Artist, writer and educator Madyha J. Leghari's artwork 'Speaking in Tongues' is like that. Remember those interactive type 'Choose-your-own-adventure' storybooks where you had a choice of pages to turn in order to reach a different scenario? Leghari gives you similar choices from the very start with you deciding if you want to experience her art in English or Urdu. That done you have other choices at hand in her interactive world of random thoughts.

You see life from the perspective of a woman who awakens one day to find herself trapped in a peaceful summer escape. Taking inspiration from the classic Sanskrit poetic form, Sandesha Kavya, she attempts to interact with non-human beings around her such as the clouds, the trees, water lilies, dragon flies, locusts and deer, the distance between whose horns can fit large clouds thanks to the angle of her camera's lens.

Connoisseurs can appreciate artworks at nine venues of Karachi Biennale until 13th

It's equally dark upstairs, in the Jamshed Memorial Library, but music lifts spirits and makes everything brighter.

Interdisciplinary artist Rabeeha Adnan's artwork 'Mukaalmah: We Can't Both Be Right' is a musical play performed by instrumental objects that address power dynamics within state structures because normally, seemingly identical groups draw parallels. But here you have two groups of seemingly identical musical instruments creating rhythm in harmony and synchronisation through projection mapping, light and sound.

(From left to right) A deer whose horns fit a cloud; the sitar goes electric, and Shahnamah displayed at some of the venues of Karachi Biennale.-Fahim Siddiqi / White Star

At another venue, the NJV School, you get to experience augmented reality through conceptual artist Dennis Rudolph's 'Simurgh App'. The visitor can...

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