Artist Saima Jamil holds her first exhibition in Pakistan.


KARACHI -- The International artist, Saima Jamil recently exhibited her work for the first time in Pakistan, titled 'Rihaai' at Studio Seven on Tuesday, December 10th from 5pm to 8pm. The series showcased a collection of intricate oil paintings which were symbolic of an individual's journey towards personal freedom. The exhibition continues till 17th December.

'Rihaai' is a collection of Saima Jamil's work painted with oil paints on canvas with dark black backgrounds which were representative of the darkness in the world in contrast with the light within each individual and the goodness of humanity. The paintings were symbolic of the artist's aspirations towards freedom - a freedom which each individual human being has a yearning for. Jamil used her inspirations, renowned Sufi poets, Rumi and Shams of Tabraiz, to navigate the beholders attention through each painting. Due to the fact that each...

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