Art in brackets.

KARACHI -- When artists begin to play mind games, art assumes a bit - just a bit - of a scientific position. It doesn't negate any established ideas, rather makes art itself all the more interesting for a layman. People have always harbored the thought that art and science are polar opposites. Here, by the way, the subject is 'mind games' not science.

A three-person show, which concluded on Friday at the Full Circle Gallery, titled Made in { } falls into that category. Its title is inviting enough, isn't it? But once you step into the gallery space, the three participants whose works are on view - Jennifer Rae Forsythe, Paul Mehdi Rizvi and Shireen Ikramullah Khan - will give you cogent reasons to associate the rubric with what's been produced by them.

The clue is in the curly brackets, {}. Normally, they are used for mathematical purposes indicating, the repetition of a number or pattern. The phrase 'made in' on the other hand signifies manufacturing, which also has largely to do with a pattern.

All three artists write their statements using the same bracket. Let's just reproduce the first lines of their thoughts here. Jennifer says, 'This body of work explores the uneasy space between beauty and disaster.'


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