Art activities to celebrate Pakistan's cultural diversity.

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and Nomad Art Gallery here on Tuesday kicked off various week-long art activities to celebrate cultural diversity of Pakistan and create social harmony through soft expressions of art.

The activities including a group art exhibition, performance, workshops, storytelling and seminar by various artists would continue till Nov 16.

The opening show was a group exhibition of paintings and art pieces titled Diversity and Social Harmony made by various artists featuring traditional and contemporary arts.

The exhibition showcased an exquisite collection of artworks, including paintings and ceramics.

The event was a collaboration between Nomad Gallery and PNCA featuring artists such as S Najam Kazmi, Samina A Akhtar, Zafar Ali, Khurram Abbas, Hassan Sheikh, Areej Nasir, Emaan, Tauqeer Hilbi, Alefiya, Rakshanda Atawar, Hassnain Awais, Nabahat Lotia, Jamil Hussain and Kuzhad.

The event was inaugurated by Ambassador of European Union, Riina Kionka who appreciated the role of Pakistani artists for contributing into the art scenes through diverse cultural expressions and mastery of techniques.

Director general of PNCA Ayub Jamali on the occasion said the event was an attempt to bring various established artists under one roof for the promotion of cultural heritage.

'Pakistani art has a long tradition and history and Pakistani artists are talented. It consists of a variety of art forms including painting, sculpture, calligraphy, pottery and textile arts such as woven silk.

'The arts are a vehicle through which human beings cultivate distinct social, cultural and individual identities while transmitting values, impressions, judgments, ideas, visions, spiritual meanings, patterns of life and experiences across time and space,' said Nageen Hyat, curator of the show and director of Nomad Gallery.

She said that traditional art was important as it was passed down through generations and provides a shared experience for the entire community.

With values, cultural practices, and belief systems embedded in these art forms, they often form a common language through which the different communities that fabricate the society can be engaged.

'Pakistan's culture was diverse and had always found itself rooted in traditions along with art. It could be seen through the various monuments and iconic architectural structures across the...

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