Arshad sustained multiple injuries before death: Pims.

ISLAMABAD -- Journalist Arshad Sharif, who was shot dead by Kenyan police last month in an alleged case of 'mistaken identity', sustained multiple injuries, which give credence to the speculations of torture, prior to his death, according to a report of the autopsy conducted by Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims).

Sources familiar with the investigation said that an eight-member medical board which conducted the autopsy on October 26, a day after the body was received from Nairobi, was of the opinion that 'all the injuries were antemortem in nature'. The term antemortem injuries' is used for injuries that occur before death.

As per the report quoted by sources, the deceased died due to firearm injuries that caused 'damage to the brain and right lung'. The report added that the right clavicle bone (collarbone) and right third rib were also found fractured.

The sources said a part of the left upper parietal bone (skull) of the slain...

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