Around 35 percent women face harassment at brick kilns.


ISLAMABAD -- Chairperson, Human Rights Commission Nasreen Azhar has stressed on the need to implement law for protection against harassment of women at workplace especially at the brick Kiln industry.

Talking to reporter on Sunday, she said that 15 percent of women harassment cases at the brick kiln industry should be dealt properly .

Around 35 percent women workers at brick kilns often tortured, harassed by their bosses, she told.

She said there are around 4.5 million workers at the brick kiln industry who are suffering multiple miseries for not attending their problems timely by the concerned authorities especially women who are required to produce 1,000 bricks a day for which they receive Rs 960, she added.

She further said a large number of women had faced bounded labour conditions in ten sectors including brick kiln, agriculture, fishing, mining and carpet...

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