Army Chief meeting with businessmen what happened.

ISLAMABAD -- Earlier this week, a group of businesspeoAple went from Lahore and Karachi to the garArison city of RawalpinAdi to meet with Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir. AdditionAal information has emerged regarding this meeting.

The aircraft of MuAhammad Ali Tabba transported five busiAnessmen from Karachi. Five additional busiAnesspeople from LaAhore joined them. All of the businessmen flew from Lahore on Punjab CM Naqvi's plane, and Mohsin Naqvi oversaw all of the preparations. Businessman Gohar Ejaz was the second-most signifiAcant guy in the arrangements. As soon as they reached Islamabad, the businessmen met with Asif Ali Zardari, who told them that things would improve and that everyone understood the sitAuation would be severe when they assumed power a year ago. Zardari expressed similar upbeat sentiments later in the day in Vehari, and downplayed economic default. At the Army House meeting, businesses, noAtably from Karachi, expressed grave concerns about the econoAmy and inquired as to when the elections would be held. They believed the elections would stabilise the country, which was facing tremendous polarisation at the...

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