Armed clash in Shikarpur village leaves five persons dead.

SHIKARPUR -- Four people were killed and as many others, including a woman, were wounded in a gun battle between armed men belonging to the Junejo and Dal communities in the New Amrote village of this district on Friday. Reports from the area suggested that an altercation took place between two persons, one belonging to the Junejo community and the other to the Dal community, over exchange of a mobile phone set. The matter took the shape of a fistfight which escalated to an armed clash.

The gun battle left Sanaullah Dal, Abdul Wahab Dal, Rasool Bux Junejo and Ghulam Asghar Junejo dead and four other persons, Abdul Fatah Dal, Jamshed Dal, Nisar Dal and Sharifan Khatoon, wounded.

The victims were transported to the Madeji Taluka Hospital for emergency...

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