Arab League Summit marks milestone for regional rapprochement: Saudi envoy.

ISLAMABAD -- Saudi Ambassador Nawaf bin Said Al-Malki on Sunday said the Arab League Summit, hosted by the Kingdom under the dynamic leadership of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, concluded on a high note, signaling a significant step towards regional rapprochement and cooperation.

The summit, held at King Abdulaziz Conference Center in Jeddah, brought together leaders from across the Arab world to discuss key regional challenges and forge a path towards unity, stability, and progress, he said in an exclusive talk with reporter.

Ambassador Al-Malki said the summit aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration among Arab nations, emphasizing the importance of resolving conflicts, promoting economic development, and countering common threats in the region.

He said Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, known for his bold and transformative vision, played a central role in steering the discussions towards concrete action and tangible outcomes.

He said the summit commenced with an opening address by...

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