Appointments in EC through consensus with Opposition: Pervaiz.


PESHAWAR -- Federal Minister for Defence Pervaiz Khan Khattak has said that the government is trying its level best to appoint Chief Election Commissioner and other members with the consensus by taking the Opposition on board in order to ensure transparency.

Talking to a big public meeting regarding joining of political leadership of other parties to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Pervaiz Khattak made it clear that the government did not want to give or discuss the power of the Parliament into courts and want to make legislation through a viable dialogue and consensus with the Opposition's leadership.

He said that regarding appointment of Election Commissioner the government and Opposition have three different meetings and ready to have the forth meeting in this regard. He said that the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan would complete its five year tenure and there is no sign of in-House change as it was just a rumor spread by Maulana Falur Rehman.

"We don't know about Maulana's predictions about in-House change rather, it is impossible that anyone come and dislodge the elected and representative government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf", he said.

He dispelled all such rumors regarding in-House change and said that one should see cracks in ranks of the Opposition. 'Soon the people will see many members from the Opposition who would express their confidence in PTI policies, adding that the government has taken every steps regarding their voice on Kashmir and against the brutality made by the Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir.

He said that actually Maulana's dharna damaged the Kashmir cause. He said so far there is no consensus being made on the names of Chief Election Commissioner and its member and we will still in tasks with the Opposition's leadership to bring good and qualified people to the Election Commission.

Khattak said the brutality of Indian forces against innocent Kashmiris continue and Pakistan has taken and highlighting such brutalities of the Indian forces at all forums across the world.

He said that government has taken very hard decisions to save Pakistan from bankruptcy and that is why...

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