Anthropo-geographic Inversion: Economy of Triangular Trade.


Byline: Anis H. Bajrektarevic

Economic downturn; recession of plans and initiatives; systematically ignored calls for a fiscal and monetary justice for all; Brexit and irredentism in the UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark and Italy; lasting instability in the Euro-Med theatre (debt crisis of the Europe's south - countries scrutinized and ridiculed under the nickname PIGS, coupled with the failed states all over the MENA); terrorism; historic low with Russia along with a historic trans-Atlantic blow with Trump; influx of predominantly Muslim refugees from Levant in numbers and configurations unprecedented since the WWII exoduses; consequential growth of far-right parties who - by peddling reductive messages and comparisons - are exploiting fears of otherness, that are now amplified with already urging labour and social justice concerns; generational unemployment and socio-cultural anxieties, in ricochet of the Sino-US trade wars...

The very fundaments of Europe are shaking. Strikingly, there is a very little public debate enhanced in Europe about it. What is even more worrying is the fact that any selfassessing questioning of Europe's involvement and past policies in the Middle East, and Europe's East is simply off-agenda. Immaculacy of Brussels and the Atlantic-Central Europe-led EU is unquestionable. Corresponding with realities or complying with a dogma? Triangular economy of othering Why does our West so vigilantly promote the so-called international trade all over the place?

Answer is at hand; the US President George H.W. Bush clarifies: "No nation on Earth has discovered a way to import the world's goods and services while stopping foreign ideas at the border." There is a consensus within the academic community what was the critical factor in redefining the world's periphery - from a sub-permafrost - Europe into the advanced West. Undeniably, it was the extension of its strategic depth westward, to the Americas upon 1492 - a huge continent unreported in the Bible and unknown to Europeans.

There is also a consensus over the two factors facilitating the initiation of the age of Grand discoveries. The push effect was the fall of Constantinople, relative decline of the Maghrebian Arabs and the Ottoman techno-military and demographic threat onto Europe from south and southeast. And, the pull effect was the Ming dynasty inward retreat and to it related dismembering of the superior transoceanic Sino-fleet. This unleashed the so-called triangular transcontinental trade that incorporated one more previously unknown continent to Europe - (sub-Saharan) Africa.

Triangular trade was a brutal instrument imposed by Europeans: Enslaved Africans shipped as cattle to America to dig for gold and silver which was destined for European colonial centres. (Needleless to say that soon after American continent has been 'discovered', Europeans brutally derogated its indigenous civilisation. Only 100 years later, Americas have suffered loss of 90% of its total pre-colonial population - a final solution in one of its most effective workings.

The same went on in sub-Saharan Africa. Far...

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