ANP wants districts to control own natural resources.

KARAK -- Awami National Party provincial president Aimal Wali Khan has said that his party will struggle to get rights for the districts like it has worked for provincial autonomy.

He said that ANP would provide free of cost electricity to industries if the party was voted to power.

He addressed a public meeting here on Wednesday night during his four-day visit to the district and met a delegation of local traders, led by Gul Razi Khan Khattak, on Thursday.

The ANP leader said that districts had the right to have control over their natural resources.

He said that ANP would enact a law in that regard if it was voted to power. He said that federal government was not giving rights to provinces.

Aimal Wali vows to provide free electricity to industries if his party voted to power

Had the vision of ANP been implemented in letter and spirit, all the basic problems of the people would have been resolved, said Mr Khan. He added that free of cost electricity would be provided to industries if ANP was voted to power.

He alleged that Pakhtuns were kept away from trade and business under a conspiracy.

He said that Qissa Khwani Bazaar, once a trade hub of Asia, was targeted bomb blasts in the past that harmed trade activities there.

'Now the trade route with Afghanistan, which links Pakistan with half of the world, has been kept closed while the trade route with India, which is an enemy country, remains open,' said the ANP leader.

He said that the children of Pakhtuns would not face starvation if Pakhtunkhwa was given control over its resources and the trade routes remained open.

He said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was rich in natural resources while Punjab was producing only wheat and cotton.

Mr Khan said that...

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