ANP chief pays tribute to martyrs of Takkar incident.

PESHAWAR -- Asfandyar Wali Khan, the Central President of the Awami National Party (ANP), expressed his heartfelt tribute to the brave Pashtuns who lost their lives in the historic Takkar incident on May 28, 1930.

In a message issued from Bacha Khan Markaz on the eve of the 93rd anniversary of Takkar incident, Khan emphasized that Pashtun's sacrifices remain a guiding light, teaching the values of endurance and dedication to a cause.

He underscored the importance of unwavering resolve in upholding the truth, emphasizing that the incident continues to serve as a guiding principle for ANP workers.

Remembering the martyrs of the Takkar incident, Khan reiterated the party's commitment to patience and the principle of non-violence in their struggle for rights.

He lamented that the sacrifices made on May 28, 1930, often go unnoticed, as the incident remains absent from history books.

"We must not let the sacrifices of our...

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