Another attempt to keep Mian Iftikhar from interacting with people.

PESHAWAR -- For many years now, social media has been a lifeline for Awami National Party stalwart Mian Iftikhar Hussain.

For a politician, he has lived a life of isolation that would make people forced into compulsory confinement in these troubling times of Covid-19 grateful for small mercies. As clear and present a danger as the pandemic is, one still has a degree of freedom to make choices that makes a life livable despite reduced circumstances.

Not for Mr Hussain the luxury to step out of the house without giving the consequences a serious thought. For a long time, he has had to worry about where he moves and who he meets, knowing that his mere presence could imperil the lives of those he is around or associates with.

Living constantly under a shadow of death for years, he has forced to live a lonely life, if it could be called a life. But for a politician, who couldn't go to a family gathering or an official meeting without a gun in his lap for personal protection and fearing a terrible fate to befall him or those around at any moment, communicating with his fans, family and followers through the virtual medium of Facebook was a godsend. Until now, that is.

Facebook account of ANP leader has been hacked

The Facebook account of Mr Hussain and that of the humanitarian organisation Rashid Shaheed Foundation -- named after his son, who was martyred near his house when Hussain was the information minister in the ANP provincial government, -- was hacked a week ago by unidentified elements. Used to threats from terrorist outfits and security alerts from...

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