ANF seizes over 1698 kg drugs in 92 operations.

RAWALPINDI -- Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan seized 1698.343 kg of drugs worth US$ 38.607 million internationally, arrested 89 persons including eight women, two foreigners, impounded 26 vehicles while conducting 92 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country last week.

According to an ANF Headquarters spokesman, the seized drugs comprised 220.567 kg Opium, 49.704 kg Heroin, 1387.648 kg Hashish, 0.940 kg Cocaine, 29.584 kg Methamphetamine (Ice), nine kg Ketamine, 0.056 Grams Weed, 0.596 grams Ecstasy Tablets (652 tabs), 0.216 grams Lexotanil tablets (900 tabs), 0.032 grams Zolp Tablets (200 Tabs) and 20 kg suspected material.

ANF Balochistan recovered 665.37 kg of drugs and 20 kg of suspected material in nine operations and arrested six accused besides impounding four vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised five kg of Opium, 652 kg of Hashish, 8.340 kg of Heroin and 30 grams of Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF Punjab recovered 313.629 kg of drugs in 18 operations and arrested 15 accused including a woman besides impounding eight vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 168 Kg of Opium, 10.374 Kg of Heroin, 132.240 Kg of Hashish, 940 grams of Cocaine and 2.075 Kg of Methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF KPK recovered 315.028 Kg of drugs in 26 operations while arrested 22 persons including a woman and impounded 6 vehicles. The seized drugs...

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