ANF arrests 32, seizes 3015.938 kg drugs in countrywide operations.

ISLAMABAD -- Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 3015.938 kg drugs and 795 Liter Prohibited Chemical in 29 operations under its campaign to across the country to curb the menace.

Th Force, during the operations, also arrested 32 accused persons including seven females and impounded six vehicles.

The seized drugs comprised 1937.116 Kg Hashish, 1015 Kg Morphine, 33.806 Kg Heroin, 4.015 Kg Amphetamine (Ice), 3.1 Kg Marijuana, 1.7 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 1.037 Kg Cocaine, 1260 Xanax Tablets, 20 Kg Suspected Substance and 795 Liter HCL.

As per details issued here, in an intelligence based operation, ANF Quetta intercepted an unattended Toyota Pickup Single Cabin from general area of Killi Kala Chah, Tehsil Dalbandin, District Chaghi and recovered 1015 Kg Morphine from the said vehicle.

In another operation, ANF Quetta arrested Syed Amjad Ali Shah, resident of Gujrat and his lady accomplice namely Khadija Bibi, resident of Gujranwala at Quetta International Airport and recovered 1.7 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice) which was concealed in their luggage. Both were travelling to Saudi Arabia via Dubai. In third operation, ANF Quetta intercepted a Tractor Trolley at Western Bypass Road near Khaizi Chowk, Quetta and recovered 500 Kg Hashish from the said vehicle. Resultantly an accused namely Hayat Ullah, resident of Quetta was arrested during the operation.

In fourth operation, ANF Quetta arrested an accused namely Syed Amir Mohammad, resident of Quetta and recovered 4 Kg Amphetamine (Ice) from his personal possession. He was arrested from Judicial Complex, Killi Sanzar Khelan, Tehsil Kuchlak, Quetta.

In fifth operation, ANF Quetta raided near General Area of Tora Boara Mountains, District Chaghi and recovered 795 Lits HCL.

In sixth operation, ANF Quetta intercepted a water tanker from village Karwat, Coastal Highway, Gwadar and recovered 1380 Kg Hashish from the said vehicle.

ANF Rawalpindi recovered 4 Kg Hashish from personal possession of a lady, resident of Attock. She was arrested near Iqbal Shaheed Toll Plaza, main GT Road, Attock.

Yet in another operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested Sardar Azam, resident of Peshawar and recovered 5 Kg Hashish from his personal possession. He was arrested near Iqbal Shaheed Toll Plaza, main GT Road Attock.

In third operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested a lady accused namely Sana Bibi, resident of Peshawar and recovered 5 Kg Heroin from her personal possession.

She was arrested near Hattian Bus Stop, Attock.


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