Analytical thinking, enhanced school enrollment a must for Pakistan to join highly competitive world: President.

TAXILA -- President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday emphasising the promotion of analytical thinking, said that the highly competitive world necessitated Pakistan to enhance access to education and enrollment in schools.

The president, addressing the first convocation of HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences, said Pakistan was faced with a crisis of 27 million out school children. He said comparatively, the ratio of children's school enrollment in India and Bangladesh stood at 98-100 percent.

He told the gathering that through a dedicated focus on education and health sectors, Pakistan could excel within eight years, citing the case study of China.

The president, who earlier distributed medals and degrees among the graduates of medicine and dentistry, said the country could not afford the women giving up their careers after getting higher education and called it a 'tremendous wastage'.

However, he said it was incumbent upon the state to provide women a safe working environment as the institutions like Federal Mohtasib were already functioning for the purpose.

He said in Pakistan, only nine percent youngsters enroll for higher education which needed to be increased by introducing modern education tools like online education.

Citing nine percent prevalence of hepatitis and almost 40 percent stunting, the president said the country direly needed medical professionals to cope with the challenge.

He urged the new graduates to focus more on preventive care as Pakistan could not afford the curative treatment. Pakistan has already achieved remarkable success during the COVID pandemic by promoting preventive methods, he recalled.

Calling it a beautiful culture of Pakistan, President Alvi advised the youngsters to always remain thankful to their teachers and patents for their efforts to brighten their future.

He said obtaining the degree was just an opening of the door to knowledge as the new trends and innovations were being introduced in the medical field particularly after the artificial intelligence.

He predicted that within a span of ten years, AI would enable the display of human thought within no time as tremendous knowledge already existed in the cloud technology.

He also advised the new graduates to never let greed overpower...

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