Ambassador Haque hails China's efforts against virus.

BEIJING -- China's battle against COVID-19 had truly been the people's fight, with the country overcoming the challenges due to the whole government and whole-of-nation approach, said Pakistan's Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque, adding that the Chinese resolve and solidarity in the pandemic fight have been admirable and offered lessons for the world.

'I must say that I'm so impressed (with) the way the entire Chinese nation (had) come forward under the guidance of the central government to fight the pandemic, which has been a challenge not only for China but also for all the global humanity,' Haque told China Daily.

The diplomat said he has been in Beijing for the last 2.5 years and he has seen firsthand the Chinese government's policies to combat and control the pandemic.

Ambassador Haque visited Wuhan and met some of the heroes who were on the front line in the battle during the pandemic.

China had a decisive victory against COVID-19, Haque said. 'China is ... a large country of 1.4 billlion people. They need (ed) to have certain policies that could ensure the safety of the people, so the country made a national effort to save lives,' he said.

He said the recent adjustment in virus control measures announced by the Chinese government is based on logic, reasoning and scientific analysis.

The envoy said even during the pandemic, exchanges between Pakistan and China kept on going. The two sides saw trips by delegations, and work on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor continued.

Now, as China has opened its borders...

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