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For another day, almost each member of the national assembly from Karachi took the floor to wail over the near-collapse of the system, supplying electricity to their city.

Cutting across the party divide, they unanimously held the privately run K-Electric exclusively responsible for the mess. The said company was contemptuously accused of behaving heartlessly indifferent to peoples' misery. Karachi's representatives also kept on pressing the federal government to mobilize NEPRA, the regulatory body, for diligent monitoring of the electricity-supply scene in the most populous mega city of Pakistan.

Omar Ayub Khan, the minister in charge of electricity-connected affairs, miserably failed to spin any convincing and pacifying story.He surely has a very thick skin of a usual politician and mostly prefers to disregard the real life pains of ordinary mortals. Instead of staying focused on immediate issues, directly related to his ministry, he often attempts to divert attention to allegedly 'corrupt practices and incompetence' of the PPP-led government of Sindh as well.

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He did attempt to employ the same trick on Thursday. After admitting the system collapse, he tried to make us believe that the Sindh government could also not develop an effective system for draining out the rainwater in spite of ruling Karachi since 2008. The pond-like water clogging ignites burning of transformers. The same water also causes deaths due to electrocution.

He also alleged that Sindh government's nominee to NEPRA habitually resists execution of the punitive authority of this body. Instead of wailing in the national assembly, the PPP MNAs should rather persuade their own government in Sindh to watch the doings of its nominee. The laughable excuses, he continued spinning, visibly embarrassed the rest of ministers.

Since 2013, Asad Omer had been getting elected to the national assembly from Islamabad. Yet, he feels too proud for being a 'son of Karachi.' He also loves to behavelike a know-all and often attempts to furnish cover for foolhardy doings of his 'juniors' like a father figure.

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After realizing that the stories told by Omar Ayub were even annoying the ruling party MNAs from Karachi, he took the floor. Standing akimbo, he tried to repeat the hackneyed story that the task of supplying electricity to Karachi was outsourced to...

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