AJK SCBA concerned over reported move for disposal of J and K State property.


MIRPUR -- Azad Jammu Kashmir Supreme Court Bar Association has expressed grave concern over the recent reported decision of the government of Pakistan about the disposing of / sale of the ancient Jammu and Kashmir State property located in various parts of the country, an AJK SCBA press release said on Monday.

Expressing dismay over the reported decision taken about the sale of Pakistan-based J and K State property, AJK SCBA Secretary General Javed Najjamus Saqib said that the right of ownership of the Pakistan-based Jammu Kashmir state property directly belonged to the Jammu Kashmir State under the interim constitution: 1974 of Azad Jammu Kashmir. The J and K State property, he continued, was given only for the administrative and management control of the ministry of Kashmir affairs under 'Administration of Kashmir Property Ordinance 1961' with the condition that the Government of Pakistan would not have any right to sale / dispose of the property in any way.

The AJK SCBA secretary general further pointed out that in 1985, the centuries old Jammu Kashmir State property located in Pakistan were of the worth of Rs8,500 billion, which, he added, has now exceeded to the value of over Rs25,000 billion. 'Since the people of Jammu and Kashmir state are the real owner of this property and as such, the Jammu Kashmir people living the world over in general and the legal fraternity of Azad Jammu Kashmir in particular, reject this reported...

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