AJK's commemoration day observed with pledge to take liberation struggle to logical end.

MUZAFFARABAD -- The speakers at a seminar, held in commemoration of the 76th Foundation Day of Azad Jammu and Kashmir call for a renewed approach to take the the Kashmir Liberation Movement to its logical conclusion.

The event organized by the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK) was attended by distinguished scholars and speakers, including former Chief Justice Syed Manzoor Hussain Gillani, AJK Minister Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai, Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi, Chairman of the Right to Self-Determination Movement (International), Raja Nijabat Hussain, Secretary Midhat Shehzad, Chairman District Council Muzaffarabad, Imtiaz Abbasi, Religious Scholar Sahibzadi Mardiya Sultana Faizpuri, Director of KPRI Dr. Raja Sajjad Khan, and Additional Registrar Sardar Zaffar Iqbal.

Together, they commemorated the historic establishment of Azad Jammu and Kashmir's first independent government on October 24, 1947, a watershed moment in the struggle for freedom.

They pay homage to the founders of the remarkable birth of Azad Jammu and Kashmir's inaugural government, born from the liberation of a substantial five thousand square kilometre area following the arduous armed struggle of 1947.

Former Chief Justice (R) Syed Manzoor Hussain Gillani, in his compelling address, shed light on the dire situation in Indian-administered Kashmir, emphasizing the urgent need to bring the humanitarian and legal aspects of the Kashmir issue to the world stage.

He called for proactive measures by Pakistan and urged the AJK government, political parties, and the people to secure the region's freedom while exposing India's unlawful occupation of Kashmir through constitutional, legal, and political steps.

He underscored the importance of strengthening Pakistan's legitimate relationship with Kashmiris, encompassing Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, and advocated for measures empowering Kashmiris to protect their economic and political rights, ultimately driving the freedom movement towards its logical conclusion.

State Minister Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai, recognizing the enduring nature of the struggle in Occupied Kashmir, implored the government and citizens to collaborate towards the region's hard-earned goals. He emphasized the broader significance of this liberated territory, not merely in a local context but as a representative government for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi, during the...

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