AJK President seeks overseas Kashmiris to get united to promote Kashmir cause across the globe including Middle East.

MIRPUR [AJK] -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry has said that Kashmiris settled the world over including the Middle East countries should rise above their party politics and work together to highlight Kashmir cause effectively.

Addressing an Iftar dinner hosted in his honour by Kashmiri overseas community in Saudi's major city of Jeddah on Thursday, the AJK president lauded the overseas Kashmiris for their role in keeping the Kashmir issue alive at international level.Stressing the need for unanimity at all levels, he said, 'Since all political parties and leaders are united on a single point on Kashmir, it is imperative that Kashmiris living abroad should forge unity and devote all their energies to promote Kashmir cause globally'. AJK President office said Thursday evening.

He said Kashmiris living in the Middle East should take advantage of social media and use it as an effective tool to convey the voice of the people of occupied Kashmir to the world through it.Referring to his appointments with OIC Secretary General, IDB president and other officials, the president said that during his visit he had several important meetings during which a threadbare discussion was held on the situation in the Indian occupied...

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