AJK President rubbishes Indian propaganda against Turkey.

MUZAFFARABAD -- The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan while spurning India's negative propaganda against Turkey has said thatTurkey'sforthright supports to the right to selfdetermination of the Kashmiri people had left the Indian rulers perturbed and frustrated. Commenting on the Indian media reports that Turkey preparing to send Jihaadists fighters to Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan said that the freedom struggle in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is indigenous and Turkey or any other country of the world has nothing to do with it. 'India's propaganda is rubbish and a crude attempt to undercut Turkey's political and diplomatic support for Kashmiris struggling against Indian oppression and tyranny. It won't happen,' said the President. He maintained that the Indian media reports that the Turkish fighters fighting in eastern Syria were now preparing to fight the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir, is not only unfounded and baseless but also a deep-rooted conspiracy to malign the indigenous liberation movement of the Kashmiri people. Such Indian tricks have not succeeded in the past and will notsucceed in future as well, he added. The AJK President said that India would not be allowed to hide its crimes against humanity and its gross violation of human rights in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Instead of unleashing false and unfounded propaganda, India must fulfil its international obligations, stop repression in occupied Kashmir, prevent its army from trampling human rights, and immediately cease the settler-colonialism in the disputed territory of Kashmir. 'India must fulfil its responsibility towards creating conditions conducive for a fair and a free...

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