AJK president emphasis need of comprehensive policy to counter threat from India.


MIRPUR [AJK] -- President Azad Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan Tuesday urged think tanks, research institutions, academics and students to prepare a comprehensive strategy to help create critical global awareness on the plight of Kashmiris, help strengthen and stabilize Pakistan and Azad Kashmir in terms of defence and economic development.

He added that a strong Pakistan and AJK would guarantee the realization of the right to self-determination of the people of IOK.

Addressing a one-day workshop on "Kashmir conflict and South Asia's security" jointly organized by Defence and Strategic Studies (DSS) Department of Quaid-e-Azam University and Islamabad Policy Institute in the federal capital, he said we would have to come forward to devise a policy to not only counter the dangers confronting the country but also to divert the dangers posed by India to the whole region.

He warned that if we as a united nation, failed to make Pakistan a powerful state, we would not only be losing Kashmir but also would have to tackle the existential threat posed to Pakistan from India.

Sardar Masood Khan stressed the need for understanding India's strategy for Pakistan and the whole region.

"The incumbent Indian rulers are toeing a policy design to establish 'Akhand Bharat' or 'Bharat Bhoomi' in the region," he said, adding that Akhand Bharat would have no room for the followers of any other religion including the Muslims, and that India's action of August 5 was also part of the same strategy.

He said India's aggressive posture leaves little space for peace in the region and this escalation may lead to a war between the two nuclear neighbours.

He said even a limited nuclear engagement will lead to deaths of millions and over 2.5 billion can be affected directly or indirectly.

He drew attention that Indian Prime Minister Narendra...

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