AJK PM felicitates nation on silver jubilee celebrations of nuclear tests.

MIRPUR(AJK) -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq, while congratulating the nation on the silver jubilee of nuclear tests, has said that the Youm-e-Takbeer was bearing testimony to the fact that Pakistan's defense was impregnable. "On this day (28 May 1998), Pakistan got the honour of becoming the first nuclear power among Islamic countries and the seventh nuclear power in the world", the PM said in a statement issued on Sunday

Haq paid great tribute to the founder of the nuclear program and ex-Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, political and military leadership, scientists and engineers who played a key role in accomplishing the historic feat.

The AJK prime minister in his special message said that many countries, including the United States, had offered huge economic concessions in return for not carrying out nuclear explosions, but the...

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