AJK homeo Dr. Amjad Ansari inducted as visiting Prof in Sri Lankan teaching hospital.

MIRPUR (AJK) -- Dr. Amjad Ansari, seasoned Kashmiri homeo physician, hailing from AJK, has been appointed as Visiting Professor at renowned Sri Lanken, Sir Aantin Memorial Teaching Hospital in Colombo, it was officially said.

The Board of Governors of the Medicina Alternative, a Srilanken regulatory body of homeo medicines and hospitals, have issued formal notification of Dr. Ansari.

Dr. Amjad Ansari will perform services for next two years as the visiting professor in the teaching hospital.

The Kashmir-born legendary homeo Dr. Amjad Ansari has a long distinguished carrier in the field of homeo medicine both at abroad and home.

He had been associated with the Medicina Alternative, Colombo after...

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