AJK Assembly condemns conviction of Yaseen Malik.

MUZAFFARABAD -- Azad Jammu and Kashmir legislative Assembly (AJK-LA) on Monday condemning conviction of Kashmiri leader Yaseen Malik, demanded the United Nation and international community to take a cognizance of what it called a judicial murder attempt of a liberation leader under black laws.

The legislative Assembly unanimously adopted two same like resolutions moved by opposition leader Ch. Latif Akbar of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and former Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and others terming the conviction as an attempt of judicial murder by India.

The resolution while paying tribute of freedom leader Yaseen Malik said India had illegally occupied the Jammu and Kashmir and struggle against the occupation was legitimate under the international law and norms which the occupier was trying to suppress through draconian laws.

Therefore, the resolution demanded the United Nations and international community to take a...

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