Air Chief inspects PAF operational air base Skardu in northern region.

ISLAMABAD -- Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu on Saturday visited operational base Skardu in the Northern Sector to carry out operational evaluation of PAF installations, newly constructed infrastructure, equipment and support units.

Addressing the personnel, the Air Chief said, 'This enhancement of the infrastructure and capability will augment PAF's operational flexibility and enable generation of prudent response in the complex operational environment in the sector. PAF is now better poised for added sustenance and innovative application of Air Power in the North," a PAF news release said.

The Air Chief added, "Besides maintaining the highest professional standards, there is a need of the hour that we must be ready to respond to any external and internal security challenge. The advancement in space, electronic warfare, cyber, niche technologies coupled with artificial intelligence has profoundly affected the traditional environment of national security.

In order to provide safe and secure environment against all threats, the armed forces of Pakistan will continue to...

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