AI brings paradigm shift in modern warfare & state security, moot told.

KARACHI -- The future would see Artificial Intelligence as the third revolution in warfare being utilised with minimal adverse impact. This augments the implications of AI on national security, military tactics, and defence strategies as almost 70-75 per cent of global defence leaders believe that AI will be very or extremely important to organisational strategies and in bearing outcomes.

This was highlighted during the first day of a seminar titled 'Artificial Intelligence in Defence Market: A Paradigm Shift in Military Strategy and National Security', organised at the Expo Centre, Karachi, on Tuesday as a part of IDEAS-2022 in joint-collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad and the Defence Export Promotion Organisation (DEPO).

Defence Production secretary retired Lt Gen Humayun Aziz termed AI as an aspirational goal, a game changer, and a transformative national security technology that is opening up several prospects of military success as well as threats to defence and security.

'The major areas of national security, which would see a significant impact from the increasing developments in AI are military superiority, information superiority and economic superiority through data, data-driven technologies, machine learning technology, network technologies, and cyber defence technology,' he said while speaking as the chief guest.

At IDEAS opening day, defence production secy says technology won't curtail reliance on conventional capabilities

Regarding the future dynamics of the international security environment and strategic shifts in defence, he noted that these are dependent on AI and AI-driven applications, which have now become key pillars of states. However, these developments would not curtail the significance and reliance on conventional capabilities in mitigating and combating threats.

'The transformation of warfare through AI, along with biotech, strategic weaponry, and computers, would increase armed forces' readiness and bring a paradigm shift in modern warfare and the security apparatus of states,' he further maintained.

While highlighting the globalisation of weapon systems and advancements in AI, DEPO director general Major General Mohammed Arif Malik emphasised that new technologies have ushered increased opportunities, demands, and investments in the development of AI-integrated systems in the defence and security domain.

He advocated for building awareness for the use of AI and AI research in the...

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