After Trump Saudi Arabia with new face Saudi rushes to improve its image in advance of G20 and Biden.

The US policy toward the region will likely remain unchanged in essentials.Although Biden has criticized Trump for unilaterally leaving the nuclear agreement with Iran, it is not clear what stance he will take in this regard. The new administration's Iran policy will be an overarching factor affecting the entire region. American support to Israel regime will continue undiminished, but with important nuances to curb Israeli excesses vis-a-vis the Palestinians. I do not expect Biden to reverse Trump's decisions to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move theAmerican Embassy there or rescind the totally illegal step to declare the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory. No American policy, whether Democratic or Republican can bring peace to the Middle East. Nor for that matter the policies

of any other power from outside the region. Peace will require the cooperation and solidarity of the countries of the region, that is, regional ownership is the path toward peace in the Middle East. Saudi bombs killed civilians in Yemen, Saudi activists went to jail, and Saudi agents dismembered the dissident Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul. None of it shook Mr. Trump's commitment to the kingdom as a reliable partner against Iran and an important purchaser of American weapons. Now Saudi Arabia is

bracing for a new American leader who has vowed to end support for the Yemen war, penalize human rights violations and treat SaudiArabia like 'the pariah that they are.' 'It is past time to restore a sense of balance, perspective and fidelity to our values in our relationships in the Middle East,' President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. told the Council on Foreign Relations last year when asked about Saudi Arabia. 'We will make clear that America will never again check its principles at the door just to buy oil or sell weapons.' The difference in tone is stark, and Prince Mohammed may have to accept that unless he changes his ways he is unlikely to be as welcome at the White House as he was under Mr. Trump. Experts said they did not expect a break with the kingdom, but pressure from a Biden administration could push Riyadh to temper its more reckless behavior. Saudi Arabia has taken multiple steps to polish its tarnished image in advance of this weekend's hosting of the virtual summit of the G20 that groups

the world's foremost economies and in anticipation of an incoming Biden administration in the United States that is expected to be critical...

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