Advisory for growers of cauliflower.

FAISALABAD -- The agriculture experts advised growers to complete preparations for early cultivation

of cauliflower from first week of July. A spokesman for the agriculture (extension) department said on Tuesday that July was the best for early cultivation of cauliflower crops, therefore, farmers should sow seeds for seedlings (Paneeri) in the nursery after mid of June and shift plantlets from nursery to the field during first week of July.

He said that weather temperature from 17 to 18 degrees centigrade was much suitable for growth

of cauliflower crop while its plants could also survive from 20 to 30 degrees centigrade temperature.

However, the crop production and its quality badly affected if temperature increased from 30 degrees

centigrade, he added.

He said growers could harvest their cauliflower crop in September and October if they transferred

its plantlets from nursery to...

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