ADB project to enhance secondary education in Sindh.


ISLAMABAD -- The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $75 million loan for a project that would help improve the quality, accessibility, and gender responsiveness of the secondary education system and infrastructure in the province of Sindh, home to Pakistan's financial center of Karachi.

Pakistan has 22.8 million out-of-school children, 28% of whom are in Sindh, according to ADB press statement issued here Monday, adding the province also has the second-lowest gross enrollment ratios and net enrollment rates at all education levels in the country.

The secondary education sector faces challenges ranging from outdated and dilapidated infrastructure, lack of access to schooling-particularly for girls-and poor teaching and learning quality, especially for core subjects including language, mathematics, and science.

'Given the province's strategic location, economic importance, and young workforce, Sindh has the potential to transform itself into a key driver of economic growth and development in Pakistan,' said ADB Principal Education Specialist for Central and West Asia, Norman LaRocque.

'Efforts to improve the education system and infrastructure in the province are important to ensuring that graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute productively to the country's growth and development,' LaRocque added.

The Sindh Secondary Education Improvement Project will finance the construction of about 160 new...

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