Activism for Child Justice campaign launched.


ISLAMABAD -- The Ministry for Law and Justice on Wednesday launched the 'Activism for Child Justice' campaign in collaboration with the Group Development Pakistan to ensure child justice across the country.

Addressing the campaign launching ceremony, Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Muhammad Farogh Naseem said the drive would create awareness among the people on the laws that guaranteed protection and justice to the children.

He said schoolchildren would be involved in the activity, who would draw paintings to highlight importance of child justice.

The awareness campaign will focus on child justice using arts as a tool to reach the people from different socio-economic backgrounds.

'Activism', a concept adopted in consultation with the child members of Group Development Pakistan, uses local indigenous arts like truck arts, puppetry, interactive theatre, visual art and musicians to allow ownership of the youth transformative process.

Truck art, a popular art form, is being used as an advocacy tool by painting more than 20 trucks and 30 rickshaws with positive messages on child justice.

The children will guide, inform and actively participate in the campaign and will contribute to raising awareness on child justice by connecting artistic activities and by encouraging a model of children's...

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