Absence of key functionaries in Comsats raises eyebrows.

ISLAMABAD -- One of the leading public sector universities of the capital, Comsats has been operating without key functionaries and their absence has been affecting the quality of education and governance.

Comsats University Islamabad (CUI), which became a full-fledged university in 2018 from an institute, is being run without a pro-rector and a registrar while appointment of the current treasurer has also been questioned.

According to CUI Act 2018, the pro-rector is to be appointed by the university Senate and he is to provide support to the rector in planning and execution of assigned functions. The registrar and treasurer are to be appointed by the Senate on the recommendations of the rector for renewable three-year terms, respectively.

However, the university's Senate - the supreme decision making body - has also been dysfunctional since last year. The delay in making these important appointments and the incomplete Senate has raised eyebrows. Some officials have alleged that the Senate is kept deliberately dysfunctional by some quarters who want to keep maximum control over university affairs. This charge, however, has been denied by the university.

Varsity still operating without pro-rector, registrar; position of current treasurer also 'questionable'

The Senate is the highest forum under clause 18 of the CUI charter. Sources said that tenures of all 11 elected members (out of the total 21) have lapsed.

Meanwhile, sources said that the budget worth billions of the university was to be approved by June 22 by the Senate, which is still not approved and expenditure continued.

Similarly, it is said that CUI Rector Prof Dr Mohammad T. Afzal signed a mega contract with a private firm to carry out civil work in the Kot Addu campus.

Registrar Prof Dr Sajjad A. Madani is running the office for the last over four years on a temporary basis and the subcommittee of university Senate in July last year had directed the university to hire a new registrar, but no serious action was taken so far by the rector.

Whereas Treasurer Mohammad Azam was appointed in 2018 for three years when Comsats was an institute, but five years have passed and he is still dealing with finances of the university. Sources said when Comsats institute was upgraded and it became a university the appointment of the treasurer should have been made in accordance with the Act.

Comsats Additional Registrar Naveed Ahmed Khan provided a detailed response to Dawn's queries.


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