Abdullah for full court SC bench to punish culprits of May 9.

ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Tehreek-e-Jawanan Pakistan Mohammad Abdullah Gul urged that the Supreme Court of Pakistan should form a full court bench to bring the perpetrators of the May 9 tragedy to justice and give strict punishment to the characters and planners involved so that this process cannot be repeated in the future.

The Defai-e-Pakistan Council organized an emergency conference at Rawalpindi Arts Council in which a large number of scholars, minority communities, traders and lawyers participated.

Addressing the conference, Abdullah Gul said that Indians also expressed their regret over the desecration of the photos of Colonel Sher Khan and Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, but all these citizens of the country had no shame in disrespecting heroes of the nation.

President of Trader's Association Sharjeel Mir said that these institutions are the guarantors of the country's peace and are the nation's red line.

Bishop Nazir Alam, who was representing the Christian community, said that we should show prove to be responsible citizens and not stand up against our...

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