9025 bags urea supplied to 13 notified dealers for sale.

FAISALABAD -- As many as 9025 bags of urea fertilizers have been supplied to 13 notified dealers

in the district for its sale to the farmers on fixed rates.

A spokesman of local administration said on Wednesday that 5225 urea bags were supplied to 7 dealers in Tehsil City/Sadar including 1200 bags to Adil Riaz Traders Industrial Estate, 625 bags to Olakh Traders Nalka Kohala, 200 bags to Insaf Enterprises Jhal Khannuana Bridge, 1600 bags to Arshad Khaad Dealers Borewal Adda, 300 bags to Rashid and Co Jhal Khannuana Bridge, 700 bags to Malik Taj and Sons Main Bazaar old Grain Market Dijkot and 600 bags to Siraj and Sons 29 Morr.

Similarly, 2400 bags of fertilizers were supplied to 3 dealers including 1200 bags to...

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