70% of Rajanpur people don't have access to clean water.


RAJANPUR -- At least 0. 7 million people in Rajanpur have no access to clean drinking water, according to a report by the Water Training Lab. A test, which was conducted two months ago, revealed that the city's underground water is getting mixed with sewerage water because 70% of the water becomes contaminated. Even floodwater gets mixed with this contaminated water, said Dr Imran Qamar, the in-charge of lab. The city's sole filtration plant has broken down making the lives of people more difficult. 'Our inefficient sewerage system is a big reason for the pollution of water, ' the doctor claimed. People from the area claim that there's no water in the Dajal Canal and the water underground in undrinkable. 'The water we consume is from nearby ponds and it is contaminated as well.

This water exposes us to several diseases, ' a person complained. 'Water is a basic need. It is a matter of life and death, ' one of the locals...

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