54% loose milk unfit for consumption: survey.

LAHORE -- A nationwide survey on milk quality and safety conducted by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) found 92 percent of loose milk samples to be non-compliant to quality and safety parameters. Moreover, 54% milk samples were found unfit for human consumption.

An event was held on Tuesday at Avari Towers in Lahore to disseminate the results. Five quality and safety parameters were tested for compliance with regulatory limits. These included composition, adulteration, antibiotic residues, Aflatoxin M1 and heavy metals. Loose milk was largely found non-compliant to these parameters.

There was no nationally representative data on the safety and quality of loose milk in Pakistan and this national survey conducted by UVAS aimed to provide it. This national survey was conducted in the 11 major cities of Pakistan by Nielsen, a top multinational research agency which designed its sampling plan to ensure authenticity of results. A total 1206 loose milk samples were collected.

The detailed findings of this research report were presented in a special health seminar in Lahore by Associate...

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