5,000 sacks of wheat wasted in warehouse in Balochistan.


QUETTA -- More than 5,000 sacks of wheat have been laid to waste in a government warehouse in the Muslim Bagh town of Qilla Saifullah. Heavy rains and snowfall in the current season damaged the stock placed outside the warehouse which could no longer be used.

Provincial food department had no information about the damaged stock of wheat in the warehouse.

'We will assess the situation in the warehouse and analyse whether the stored wheat can be utilised or not,' said a food department official. A wheat crisis has engulfed the country, including Balochistan, causing flour prices to escalate by 30 to 40 per cent in various parts of the province.

Flour mill owners blame the provincial government's negligence for the damage caused to the stored wheat, especially during the current crisis.

Earlier, Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Balochistan chapter expressed concern over the provincial government's apathy towards ensuring proper supply of wheat to the flour mills which, in turn, sent prices of flour skyrocketing in the province.

Chairing a meeting held in Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Balochistan Flour Mills Association President Syed Saleh Agha expressed his concern over wheat shortage and heavy upward surge in flour prices. Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Senior Vice President also attended the meeting.

President, office-bearers and members of the association expressed concern over government's flawed...

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