40 held with drugs in 35 counter narcotics operations.

RAWALPINDI -- Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) Pakistan has seized 512.008 kg of drugs, worth US$ 12.490 million internationally, arrested 40 accused including two women, and two foreigners and impounded nine vehicles while conducting 35 counter-narcotics operations throughout the country last week.

According to ANF Headquarters spokesman here on Monday, the seized drugs comprised 31.665 kg heroin, 438.700 kg hashish, 29.800 kg opium, 9.880 kg methamphetamine (Ice), 1.913 kg cocaine, 50 grams ecstasy tabs (100 tablets) and 7.220 kg suspected material.

ANF Balochistan recovered 127 kg drugs in three operations and arrested an accused involved in drug smuggling besides impounding a vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 25 kg heroin, 100 kg hashish and two kg methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF Punjab recovered 96.297 kg drugs in nine operations and arrested 15 accused including a foreigner involved in drug smuggling besides impounding six vehicles. The seized drugs comprised 3.597 kg heroin, 19.200 kg opium, 72.800 kg hashish and 0.700 kg methamphetamine (Ice).

ANF KPK recovered 129.263 kg drugs in 11 operations and arrested five accused...

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