40,781 Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims Safely Arrive in Saudi Arabia.

ISLAMABAD -- According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, a total of 40,781 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims have reached Saudi Arabia through 158 flights, as reported by the media on Sunday.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Religious Affairs stated that, under the government scheme, 27,686 intending pilgrims from Pakistan are currently in Madinah, while 13,095 pilgrims have completed their eight-day stay in Madinah and have arrived in Makkah.

In addition, more than 1,000 intending pilgrims who are part of the private scheme have also arrived in Saudi Arabia. The spokesperson mentioned that a monitoring team has conducted a thorough assessment of 12 Hajj group organizers.

To facilitate Pakistani pilgrims, a total of 522 employees, including assistants and medical staff, are staying in Saudi Arabia. Among them, 334 employees are in Makkah, 172 are...

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