26 outlaws including six POs held; stolen vehicle and narcotics recovered.


ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad police have arrested 26 outlaws from various areas of the city and recovered stolen vehicle, hashish, wine, valuables and weapons from their possession, a police spokesman said.

According to details, Secretariat police arrested an accused Chan Zaib and recovered 1.115 kilogram hashish from him. Bhara Kahu police arrested Tariq Mehmood and Tariq Shabbir and recovered stolen vehicle from their possession.

CIA police arrested Abrar Khan and recovered 470 gram hashish and 10 gram ice from him. Tarnol police arrested Nawaz and Irfan and recovered 270 gram hashish and 165 gram heroin from their possession respectively. Industrial-Area police arrested Jawad Khan and recovered iron punch from him.

Sabzi Mandi police arrested Afzal Tanveer and recovered stolen valuables from him. Noon police arrested Wali Khan for having 430 gram hashish while Ramana police arrested Muddsar Asghar, Hakim Khan and Ashraf and recovered two30 bore pistol and 160 gram hashish from them.

Shams colony police arrested four Nigerian nationals identified as...

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