21 drug peddlers, bootleggers, illegal weapon holders netted.

RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi police in an action against suspected drug peddlers, bootleggers and illegal weapon holders here on Thursday arrested 21 accused besides recovering over 6530 grams of charras, 29 litres of liquor, four 30-bore pistols, three 12-bore rifles and ammunition from their possession.

A police spokesperson said that Gujar Khan police held a female drug smuggler namely Naveeda Bibi and recovered 1470 grams of charras. Rattaamral police rounded up Wakeel Anwar for having 510 grams of charras.

Airport police rounded up Zeeshan for possessing 540 grams of charras while Wah Cantt police recovered 510 grams of charras from an accused namely Saif.

Saddar Wah, Mandra and Rawat police arrested Mubashir, Nadeem, Akmal and Zahid Aziz for having 1500 grams, 1250 grams, and 130 and 620 grams of charras respectively.

Gungmandi, Pirwadhai and Kahuta police in their operations held Barkat, Gul Bashir, Majid and Idrees and recovered 29 litres of liquor from their possession.

The spokesman...

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