2.5-foot-tall groom ties the knot in Fateh Jhang

Published date30 May 2022
Publication titleRegional Times

An unmarried small-statured man in Fateh Jhang, measuring 2.5 feet high, has become more the merrier when he got his bride of the same stature in Attock, reported media on Sunday.

They say fate plays a hand in the match-making and matches are made in heaven. A small-statured Shaukat Ali who is 28-year-old and resident of Fateh Jhang wanted to find a bride for himself who should also be not taller than him.

Much to his delight, he was able to find a girl of his choice in Attock.

The family of Amna, who is also 28-year-old, agreed to give their daughter's hand in the hand of Shaukat.

When Shaukat brought his wedding party to Attock to take his bride, people were so delighted that they kept on...

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