17 nabbed, huge quantity of drugs recovered.

ISLAMABAD -- Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) while conducting 22 counter-narcotics operations countrywide, nabbed 17 persons including one woman and recovered 2140.909 kg of drugs, worth US$ 39.129 million internationally from their possession.

The assigned force also impounded seven vehicles.

According to an ANF spokesperson, the seized drugs comprised 1529 Kg Opium, 12.709 Kg Heroin, 551.400 Kg Hashish, 30.900 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice), 2.830 Kg Amphetamine, 6 Gram Cocaine, 13 Kg Xanax Tabs (57700 x Tabs), 1 Kg Clonazepam Tabs (5500 x Tabs) and 64 Gram Weed.

ANF Balochistan recovered 1908.09 Kg of drugs in five operations while arrested two persons involved in drug smuggling.

The seized drugs comprised 1529 Kg Opium, 10.990 Kg Heroin, 366 Kg Hashish, 0.900 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice) and 1.200 Kg Amphetamine.

ANF Punjab recovered 15.349 Kg drugs in six operations, arrested five persons involved in drug smuggling and impounded a vehicle. The seized drugs comprised 1.719 Kg Heroin, 12 Kg Hashish and 1.630 Amphetamine.

ANF Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) recovered 120.200 Kg of drugs in...

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